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Dedicated compliance support for early-stage Start-ups

Scion Compliance – Your trusted compliance partner

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Who We Serve

We believe that the services we provide are beneficial to many companies in varying sectors and stages of their life cycle, but we feel we offer the greatest impact when working with founders in the early stages of their journey.


Our consultative approach works as a guiding hand, providing support on the many aspects of compliance, so that they can focus on delivering their vision. 

Businesses work better with a dedicated risk or compliance function, but what this often looks like can be prohibitive for start-ups in those early stages. 

The average compliance manager salary is ~£85K annually, and when you factor in the software to facilitate their role you fast approach a £100K annual cost for a compliance function at a time where this wouldn’t likely require a full-time role. 

Alternatively, and quite commonly in start-ups, you would see existing employees or contractors take the additional responsibilities of compliance, but then you face them lacking the required time, skills and expertise to carry out the role effectively.

We aim to serve founders in a way that gives them access to an experienced compliance manager as and when they need it, with a minimal commitment and a flexible subscription. 


Born from the start-up space, Scion Compliance have a unique perspective and understanding of early-stage compliance and screening, making us a logical partner in the pre-seed and seed stages. 

As a strategic partner, we believe that we can offer ongoing support in two fundamental ways which shape our service. Compliance Administration and Compliance Leadership. 


Compliance Support

Compliance Support is there to act as the point of escalation for compliance queries, supporting decision making with compliance opinions and acting as an on-demand compliance manager. 

We can support with day-to-day activities such as KYC and Due diligence, SAR filings, Quality Assurance, Case Review and more.

Clients typically look to compliance support for spikes in demand around new product launches and marketing campaigns but we appreciate there are a number of reasons for spikes in demand and we are here to help in any way we can. 

Compliance leadership goes beyond the admin. 

Let us help you build your compliance culture. 

Let's work together to define your risk appetite, your approach, policies and procedures. 

Let us look to the future of your organisation, embedding ourselves in your team and providing tailored insights on an ongoing basis. 

As a compliance leadership partner we become an integral part of your team for as long as you need us, working to create a compliance culture that helps you scale confidently and sustainably. 

Compliance Leadership


Our Approach

You might be surprised to hear this, but Scion Compliance is a team of one, meaning you'll work directly with me, James Eastham, founder and Director of Scion Compliance. 

With Scion you’re not paying for an unnecessarily large team of consultants, which allows us to keep our price lower but also proves how we can build a strong compliance function with minimal headcount. 

With extensive experience in fintech compliance, working with the likes of Ebury, Monzo,eToro and Algbra, rest assured you're partnering with someone who brings a composed and methodical approach to the fast-paced and high-intensity start-up space. 

With experience from multiple fintech unicorns, I’ve learned that retained support is a cost-effective solution for maintaining compliance in the early stages without rapidly scaling headcount. 

Our philosophy prioritizes automation, aiming to streamline operations while maintaining a risk-based approach. 

We advocate for an automation-first strategy, presenting solutions that are both agile and scalable. 

We utilize best in class solutions that emphasize efficiency and automation, delivering high-quality, actionable insights on demand. 


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Let’s have a chat

Get in touch to discover how our services can alleviate your compliance workload. Based in Blackburn, Lancashire, we're ready to operate wherever you need us. Contact us via email at or give us a call at +447725 517 637.

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